Recovering Your Profit

BECCA’s Solvent Saver Recyclers are installed into Industrial Operations across the country. These operations have a high throughput generating a significant amount of solvent waste. Recycling solvent waste not only recovers your shops significant investment, however many shops experience a drastic reduction in chemical waste. Disposal of this chemical waste is quite costly to dispose of, which eats into the operations profits. The next generation of solvent recycling equipment has been developed by BECCA. Our solvent recovery distillation (still) recyclers are designed to reduce your solvent purchase and your hazardous waste generation substantially.

Solvent and/or paint thinner is considered the largest hazardous waste stream in Industrial Facilities. Furniture manufacturing industries are a high producer of such hazardous waste. This being said up to 97% or more of the hazardous waste produced in these industries can be recovered and re-used through an on-site solvent saver recycling system. Savings Analysis

This waste is most often created through the cleaning of solvent paint spray guns, cleaning plural mix systems, as well as other equipment . An on-site solvent saver recycling system used properly can significantly add profits to your bottom line by a reduction in waste disposal and transportation costs. Due to the stringent standards of the EPA, if these guidelines are not strictly followed it could result in high fines to your shop.

Solvent Recycling Systems

BECCA’s Solvent Saver Solvent Recycling Systems separate solvent waste through a distillation process seperating re-usable solvent from the waste paint. Through the distillation process, the solvent is boiled to a vapor. Once this is complete it is then condensed back into a liquid, leaving the contaminant behind in the tank for recovery. Our equipment has a tank with a specially designed bag liner, which contains the left-behind residues, is easily and cleanly removed. The collected solvents can be up to 99% pure. 

Solvent Saver Recycler

BECCA’s Solvent Saver Recyclers reduce a batch of solvent waste up to 99%, distilling the mixture into a clean, re-usable solvent and leaving a solid waste. This solvent waste can be more easily disposed of reducing greatly your cost of disposal. This is simply accomplished by removing the solvent liquid and leaving a solid waste product which is disposed as Hazardous Waste. BECCA offers to test your solvent waste to assure the process and send you the resulting materials for evaluation.  FREE! Solvent Waste Test Offer!

Being environmentally conscious and compliant has never been so cost effective!

BECCA solvent recovery still recyclers are the cleanest, safest, most reliable and cost effective way to recover and recycle waste.