EPA Violations – How to avoid the most common?

Environmental Protection Agency guidelines and regulations can become complicated and blurry quick–– understanding Resource Conservation and Recovery Act principles not only protects the environment, but safeguards human life.

Operating within RCRA parameters will help avoid costly fines, legal action and criminal prosecution for industry professionals. Knowing common errors, and how to mitigate them, will save an organization time, money and most importantly–– reputation. 

According to Enviro-Safe.com, a Midwest resource recovery organization and RCRA experts, the most common errors and violations are:

  1. Improper disposal of hazardous waste
  2. Hazardous waste manifest deficiencies
  3. Inadequate employee training 
  4. Incorrect labeling
  5. Open/leaky containers.
  6. Noncompliance of regulations on ignitable, reactive, incompatible and expired wastes. 
  7. Lacking hazardous-determinations on file. 
  8. Absence of contingencies

Enviro-Safe’s list of mistakes, cross referenced with the EPA’s list of criminal provisions, provides solid examples of what to avoid. For more information on EPA compliance and Occupational Safety and Health Administration, checkout this 2018 BECCA Inc. article.

Many American workers in the industrial, commercial and mechanical industries handle solvents–– often. Knowing proper hazardous waste management and being familiar with the intricacies of the EPA and RCRA is the generators responsibility.  


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