A Properly Cleaned Spray Gun Changes Everything

If spray guns are not properly maintained the result is poorly painted products, which may need to be repainted, costing extra work on the unit and lost production. Today’s production environ­ment requires first through quality while continual­ly improving the speed of every process, including painting and quality of spray guns. New spray gun cleaning systems· are available to improve on the quality, results, speed, cost, and liability of an oper­ation. BECCA’s technology is increasing the standards on spray gun cleaning equipment, as a result using less paint per job, thus cutting costs, reducing paint waste and toxins. At BECCA we have recently put together the 3P System which covers all your bases.


Enclosed automatic paint gun washers: This process involves an enclosure with a manifold of multiple spray nozzles spraying the outside of a spray gun, while another nozzle directs a flow of sol­vent through the fluid passageway of the gun. A clip holds the spray gun trigger in its compressed state, allowing the flow of the cleaning fluid all the way through the gun, and exiting through the fluid tip. 
Some designs provide the ability to use previously used solvents to pre-clean the gun and clean sol­vents to rinse the gun. Such a method mini­mizes solvent use in the overall process. A system also exists to protect the air passage­way from solvents and residues, and to protect seals on the air passage side of the spray guns.

Enclosed automatic paint gun cleaners are the best way to reduce evaporation and protect workers from exposure to toxins. When it comes to cleaning a spray gun to a level needed by a techni­cian, enclosed automatic paint gun cleaners have proven average. 

Manual paint gun washers: This process typi­cally involves a flow brush with stiff bristles and a flow of solvent to remove paint residues from the spray gun (see Figure 2). Some systems also include a spigot or shower flow to manually rinse off the remaining residue. This is the simplest system for cleaning a spray gun. 
Solvents are exposed more within this design, meaning there is more evaporation and greater potential for workers to be exposed to toxins. When it comes to cleaning, however, manual paint gun washers can clean guns more effectively than enclosed automatic cleaners. Some designs provide the ability to use previously used solvents to pre­clean, and clean solvents to rinse. This process min­imizes solvent use by up to 50%.

BECCA - 3P System logo
BECCA’s 3P’s revolutionary approach that includes:

  • System Training
  • Painter Training on reasons why the process works
  • Keys to success
  • Cleaning in less than on minute
  • Follow our system and we know the spray gun will be clean every time!
  • Most spray guns are retired because the spray gun pattern closes in…. does not atomize properly.
  • We can restore almost any spray gun that is not mechanically damaged back to almost like new performance!

How The 3P System Works For You! [click here]