West Coast Choppers Chooses BECCA!

Jesse James & West Coast Choppers are known for his TV series Motorcycle Mania II & III, Monster Garage, and Outlaw Garage on the Discovery Channel beginning in the early 2000’s. As well they have a reputation for creating amazing custom choppers, custom muscle cars, and yes now even custom firearms. Whether it be custom choppers, or his new custom firearms, everything they do, they do with a high level of excellence. Because of has passion for the art Jesse chooses nothing but the very top in quality tools and equipment to engineer his great machinery and art. 

Nothing But The Best For Jessie James!

Recently West Coast Chopper’s, which is now located in Austin, TX, has done a lot of expanding in their current production shop. Adding to their facility a new paint booth as well as all-new painting equipment. That said as you could imagine when BECCA was contacted and given the opportunity to provide our very best equipment we were honored. Our team was excited for the opportunity to outfit them with our 3P System System. This system delivers top quality through detailed clean and polish, cleaning system, and waste management system improving the overall cleaning process. 

Putting BECCA To The Test!

Upon installation of our 3P System the painters at West Coast Choppers were ready to put our system to the test. After experiencing the effects of Re-Nu on a used spray gun coupled with Water Wave, the painters at West Coast Choppers were excited to use their guns. With the 3P System, painters know their guns are being cleaned properly and the painter can focus on the art and not headaches that a dirty gun can produce. BECCA is always looking for opportunities to make a painters life easier by simplifying spray gun cleaning and improving the impact of a spray gun.

Experience The Best!

Like Geoff, the winner of our last spray gun contest, if you have similar success stories we want to know. So please send us an email or a message on social media of your success story and how Becca’s spray gun cleaners improved your painting experience. Additionally, stay on the lookout for another Spray Gun Cleaning Contest involving Re-Nu.

A Properly Cleaned Spray Gun Changes Everything

“What makes BECCA’s gun cleaners different from every other gun washer?”