Cleaning Solvent Spray Gun Compared With Waterborne Paint Gun Cleaning Process

Painters Spoke And BECCA Listened!

The cleaning process for your spray gun, solvent versus waterborne differs and therefore if not using the proper procedure you can end up with a mess. This means a spray gun that does not function properly and as a result, you then end up with a heavy paint application, tiger striping, or modeling.

Spray guns used with solvent-based materials can be cleaned with solvent (acetone), while waterborne materials are much more difficult to clean properly with different challenges. While unfortunately too many try to use a solvent in cleaning a spray gun which was used with waterborne material. As a result, the waterborne material became and behaved like solvent paint. The paint remaining in the spray paint gun or on the gun will create a strong adhesion to the gun surface, therefore causing performance problems and eventually corrosion.

After spending time in the shops with painters across the country BECCA engineers have worked to develop a series of tools we call the 3P System. Our system is based on testing and feedback from top automotive painters in the industry nationwide. We have worked with these painters and organizations to achieve maximum success. Our team has taken into consideration that your time is valuable and you do not need a cumbersome process. As a result, the 3P System is just as easy as ONE… TWO… THREE!

What’s In The SWIRL?

When BECCA began our marketing department developed the BECCA “SWIRL” we had many things in mind that the SWIRL would represent. Here are our results:

  • Simplicity/Fast/Effective
  • Recycling Process
  • Wash/Clean Process
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Environmentally Effective
  • The Circle Of Success


The 3P System Lives Up To The SWIRL It represents!

The BECCA 3P System takes Spray Gun Cleaning to the ultimate level. This system provides a long term solution producing:

  • High Level of Cleaning
    • When all steps of the process are followed then the gun will be like new all the time
  • Very Low cost to Operate
    • Low Maintenance Costs
    • Only uses a small amount of compressed air
  • Very Low waste Generation
    • Hazardous waste
    • Regular Waste
3P System Infographic - Process 23P System Infographic - Process 3

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