What Sets BECCA’s 3P [3 Process] System Above The Rest?

It Is our Attention To The Details!

Our Solvent Distillation Recyclers, Waterborne and Solvent Spray Gun Cleaners are designed for both Automotive and Industrial applications. Our goal is to reduce hazardous waste with solvent recovery using distillation recyclers consequently cutting costs on solvent purchases. As a result creating a more environmentally friendly solution to recycling your solvent. Our systems bring cleaning to a new level, therefore your spray guns are cleaner than ever before. BECCA’s technology is increasing the standards on spray gun cleaning equipment, as a result using less paint per job, thus cutting costs. Allow us help you keep your work place cleaner with our solvent reclamation and washer systems.

Just a few tools BECCA has developed that increase productivity as well limiting paint waste.

 Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaners

  • Water Wave: This product leaves a Micro-film coating on the spray gun not allowing the waterborne materials to stick to the surface, making it easier to clean.
  • Optional Heating Systems: Heats the cleaning fluid up to 130°F for rapid removal of paint materials. This includes difficult colors like red, blue, and whites. [more information below.
  • Blow Off Gun: OSHA compliant compressed air blow off gun designed to clear all passageways of any cleaning fluids.
  • Clarifier Fluid Recycling Systems: This is a system for recycling the cleaning fluid by removing all the solids through Flocculation and filtration.BECCA




Our Heat Systems Improve Productivity / Superior Cleaning Results

BECCA’s HEAT Systems are available on ENVIRO Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaners models E40M, E50M, E100M, E300A, E700M, & E800A. The BECCA Waterborne Gun Cleaners are in most of the Paint Company Training Centers across the USA. The optional HEAT Systems is in nearly all. Often  trainers tell us that by elevating the cleaning solution temperature to approximately 120 degrees,  greatly improves the effectiveness of the solution as well as the speed of the cleaning process.


BECCA offers two types of HEATERS:


Our EXP-HEAT, Heat-On-Demand, is similar to other new water heater systems currently utilized in home “on-demand” systems. It is fast, energy efficient and very durable. This heat system is  explosion proof, as a result the heat system may be be placed in the paint mix room. As well this system meets the requirements of NFPA33 for Class I DIv1. (120V @ 10.5A). It comes with a 10′ of Cls I Div 1 cable & a 7-Day programmable timer (non-explosion proof) that would be located outside a classified area.



Standard HEAT System

The BECCA HEATER5 (Do not use in Cls I Div 1 areas) requires more attention and is less expensive, much like a hot water tank, it requires energy over a longer period of time (2-3 hours) to bring the water to the proper temperature. The system employs a heat band around the lower portion of the insulated container. Included with our system is a 7 Day programmable timer, as a result the cleaning solution will be “ready to go” when the shop is “ready to clean spray guns”. (120V @ 4.6A).




HEAT Systems for Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaners

Why Using The Right Paint Gun Cleaner Is Important!

Proper care for your spray guns can increase profits!