Redefining the Standard on Spray Gun Cleaning

Streamlining the process and driving Results

Anyone who does liquid spray painting, large–scale operation, or small, will benefit from BECCA’s systematic approach to cleaning a spray gun.

The BECCA method identifies the cleaning process through the recycling process as a step–by–step process–– a 30-second process.

“One of the things that’s unique about BECCA today is we have developed a pre-rinse system,” says Barry Thomas, co-owner of BECCA. “It’s so significant because it removes solids from the spray gun cleaner. Thus saving the long–term life of your paint spray gun cleaner and delivering a huge difference in performance.”

3P System Infographic - Process 23P System Infographic - Process 3

BECCA is focused on selling a result, and what differentiates it from competitors is the Three Processes for Success, or 3P system, a philosophy and combination of technique and technology.

Clean Spray Gun
  • Detailing the spray gun, bringing as close to “like new” conditions as possible

  • Implement a BECCA Cleaning System

  • Select the right waste management system to save time and money

The 3P approach makes a difference in a painter’s ability to perform at a higher level, saving time, and driving results.

“We care about our customers and want them to succeed. We are trying to help customers improve their operation and we set ourselves apart with the 3P System,” Thomas said. “Our competitors are focused on selling equipment–– not a result.”