Transform Your Paint Booth Into A Drying Chamber!

FLASH DRY™ Reduces Drying Times 20-50%
Resulting In An Extra One Job Per Day!
Transform Your Paint Booth A Drying Chamber!
BECCA’s FLASH  DRY™ system uses which is designed to provide a highly effective drying system regardless of Solvent Logo Solvent or Waterborne Logo Waterborne


The System Will Provide:

  • SPEED – Rapid Drying as a result of a Powerful Directed Nozzle System
  • EASY TO OPERATE – One Button Start
  • ADJUSTABILITY – Once the System has been set-up there is no need for Adjustments
  • LOW COST TO USE – Average cost is approximately 30 cents/Day
    Flash Dry™ System has a low purchase cost, therefore, reducing your need to upgrade your Compressor
          • 1 More Job Per Day!
          • Pays For Itself In Just 30 Days
          • 10 Micron Filtration
          • No Compressed Air
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Flash Dry Is Making The Difference!