What Would One More Job Per Day Mean To Your Bottom Line?

One More Job Per Day 

With years of experience in the automotive paint industry our engineers developed the FLASH DRY™ SYSTEM. This system is designed to provide a highly effective drying system for both Waterborne and Solvent paint, while meeting a price that the average shop can afford. We recognized that if we could develop a system that could reduce dry times without causing contamination, using dynamic air movement technology, we could cut dry times 30-50% thus one more job per day.

FLASH DRY Pays For Itself

With the reduction in dry times resulting in the extra job per day average, this system can pay for itself in less than 30days! This system is installed in 3-5 hours with little booth downtime, requiring no compressed air. As well you may install yourself or use one of our local installers.
All this means more money to your bottom line and that is good business!
Return On Investment [click to download]

Standard Features:

  • Speed
  • Rapid Drying by the Powerful Directed Nozzle System
  • Easy To Operate – One Button Start
  • Adjustable – Once the System has been set-up there is no need for Adjustments
  • Low Cost To Use – Avg. cost is approximately 30 cents /Day
  • Value Priced – Flash Dry System has a low purchase cost and can also reduce your need to upgrade your Compressor
  • High Static Blower – Generates a Powerful amount of Air
  • 2 HP Motor – All the Power necessary to Drive the High Static Blower
  • On/Off Motor Starter – Easy to Start & Stop
  • Erector Set Construction – Easy to Install
  • Flexible Design – Extra Components have been provided to accommodate different booth lengths (Up to 28′) & entry locations
  • Tempered/Filtered Air – Intake Air is Clean Filtered and Tempered (Heated Booth) Spray Booth Air, not Dusty Shop or Compressed Air.