Is there truly a Return On Investment in Solvent Recycling?

Solvent Saver Recycler

More than a Performance Measure–– a Guarantee – The Relationship between net profit and the cost of investment.

In the North American solvent recycling market, there are probably a handful of major players, representing a diversity of performance. Whether it’s the performance of the unit itself, the reliability or lifespan–– the dependability of a BECCA recycler is second to none. 

When talking about return on investment, the BECCA formula dives deeper, to show customers a more realistic approach.

“Everyone has their play on what’s an acceptable ROI,” Barry Thomas, co-owner of BECCA said. “Our formula is a tool to help customers better understand their ROI, and it’s kind of interesting.” 

Aside from the basics: time of operation, the amount of waste produced and the cost of each, BECCA goes a step further. Taking into account solvent evaporation rates, solid content of total waste generated and maintenance, giving customers a tailored ROI analysis. 

The additional variables provide a comprehensive evaluation for the best system for any operation. By putting a BECCA recycler in place, a customer will have the ability to reduce the upfront and backside costs. Thus, making a BECCA system more advantageous than a competing system.

“Our formula has evolved over time, but we’ve got the ability to present a customer with a realistic approach of what it would cost them over the life of the unit, and with our current system, we’re very accurate,” Thomas said. “If you can understand some basics of your system, whether it’s a recycler, a spray–gun cleaner or another product, we can show you there’s a return on your investment.”

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