Hidden Factors That Effect Spray Gun Cleaning

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Factors That Motivate Shop Owners To Make Changes

What You Don’t See Does Hurt!

There is a hidden factor that affects a painter’s performance, and this factor is a clean spray gun! While the outside of a spray gun may look great, nice and clean! The problem is on the inside of the spray gun. The air passageways and the fluid passageways are coated with paint material at various levels causing a multitude of issues. Below we will look at just a few of those issues.


Hidden Issues:

  • Air Passageways coated with residues affects air atomization. Poor air atomization affects
    the spray pattern. It starts to close down providing a heavy center to the pattern. This results in:



    • Contamination
    • Modeling
    • Tiger stripping
    • Heavy Film Builds
  • Fluid Passageways coated with residues disturbs the laminar flow of the paint. This disruption causes erratic flow of the fluid resulting in:
      • Contamination
      • Erratic spray pattern


    • Poor coverage

Options To Paint Gun Cleaning

Many painters clean their spray guns manually over a drum, rather than using a paint gun cleaner or gun cleaning device. The primary obstacle to using gun cleaners is the painters’ perception that gun cleaners are not effective in removing the potentially-damaging paint particles from their spray guns. Most painters noted that the solvent reservoirs in gun cleaning systems quickly become too contaminated with impurities thus unable to effectively clean spray guns. These shops indicated that residual impurities in the spray guns can cause many issues including  Re-do’s, Repairs, and/or Nib and Buffing as well as ruining the spray guns themselves. 

The primary motivation for purchasing gun cleaning systems for shops is that the local code requires that shops have a gun cleaning systems. Consistent use of this equipment, however, varied among the shops. After some initial use, painters have abandoned their use and have gone back to cleaning over a drum.

BECCA Addresses These Challenges With The 3P System

BECCA - 3P System logoBECCA recognizes the challenges that painters face while trying to comply with regulations at the same time maintaining quality while being cost effective. Our engineers have taken shared information as well as tested the HVLP spray guns to develop our 3P System. We developed this system to address many areas of concern as well as to limit  the need for Re-do’s, Repairs, and/or Nib and Buffing. The 3P System cleaning process is based on the testing and feedback of top painters from all over the country. These tools when properly achieve maximum success with very little effort in a short period of time. 

The 3P System Process Offers

High Level Cleaning – Very Low Cost To Operate – Very Low Waste Generation

With over 80 3P Systems installed, painters are finding the results have assured a clean spray gun every time they go to spray. This assured performance let’s them focus on production resulting in more vehicles every day!



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