FLASH DRY 4D Air Technology


How to Dry Paint Fast without Spending a lot of Money! 

Dry Paint Fast with an Economical Air Drying System

BECCA was asked by several entities to produce an economical Air Drying System that would be effective and be under $5K price point. After an extensive review of various existing designs in the market we found that a particular design lent itself towards the low cost target. The challenge was could we make it so it would it perform at a very high level. 

The design had a few key features that were desirable:

  • Use of standard air delivery components (HVAC Round Duct) available at local Hardware stores to assist when special installations needed additional components.
  • Simple intake filter design that could be easily replaced
  • Component Flexibility to accommodate any spray booth design
  • High performance Air generation system at a very low operating cost

But, what is missing and important for improved performance: 

  • Damper Control to regulate the air based on performance needs
  • Directional Control that would provide the ability to handle any needed situation
  • Simple design that would make for faster installation
  • Installation Instruction
  • 4 D air technology – There was still the most important factor of all…… the ability to change the way the Air is delivered….. different than all other high velocity air systems…… that creates what we have called 4D Air technology! The ability to create an environment that works for all paint materials…… Solvent or Waterborne…… and reduces the drying time significantly without stirring contamination. In all other systems, high air velocities cause contamination which has been and continues to be a significant cost requiring secondary processes for their removal.

So what is ? It consists our four “D”s that drive its success:

  • Dynamic Air Movement – When we set our goal of developing air movement that would dry effectively “all” surface areas at an equal rate, we knew the design would have to follow a different course than where others had attempted. So many designs have a directed air flow expecting operators to direct it where needed and at excessive velocities. We discovered if we could design the air to be non-directional and move in multiple directions and always changing or as we call it “Dynamic” then we can get a more effective drying at all surfaces. Remember you are only as good as the slowest point for drying. Other systems may dry a specific spot faster but there are many spots they have to wait on till it is ready for the next process. Dynamic Air addresses all surfaces and spots effectively reducing the overall dry time. Lower air velocities were required, therefore significantly reducing contamination creation due to the dynamic air movement.
  • Directional Air Control – When we developed the ability to create the Dynamic Air Movement we discovered that having a fixed position of our nozzles was critical to success. We were able to control the Dynamic Air movement and therefore dry more effectively. The only thing we needed was to add the ability to move the tubes up and down to assure when needed for unusual sized objects we were able to adjust the position.
  • Dehydrating Paint – We want to remove as quickly and as effectively as possible those solvents that were used to deliver and dry the paint.
  • Dries Fast – And our system does!

FLASH DRY takes the concept of 4D Air Technology and delivers that performance in a simple design. It is modular and scalable for any system whether it is a paint booth, a drying chamber or an oven. 

The 4D Air Technology will improve dry time performance from 20-50%


Dynamic Air Movement vs. Fixed Turbulent Air

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