Dialing in the Process: a marketing strategy for sales–reps and distributors

Bringing incredible solutions to customers

Barry Thomas, co–owner of BECCA Inc., recently traveled out West to assist a large account holder in the installation process of multiple Flash Dry systems his organization manufactures. During that trip however, he became aware that the BECCA 3P Clean, Polish and Waste Management Systems had been improperly assembled, resulting in improper use of the machines.

Barry thought “wow–– we send these machines with instructions, a step–by–step process…with pictures.” However, he turned this experience into a teaching moment–– into a selling moment. He helped the technicians properly assemble the equipment and he used the opportunity to demonstrate how to decontaminate the equipment and get the correct cleaning solution back in place.

Turning The Situation Into A Win!

Despite the setback during the trip, Barry was able to turn the situation into a win, he corrected the cleaning solution and got the system back on track. Had he not caught the blunder, the result could have had considerable backlash. The client would have not seen or experienced the total benefit of the system, and ultimately revenue would be lost for both the client and BECCA.

Barry said one thing he learned on that trip was that BECCA, and his self, have to do a better job of communicating instructions and is considering video demonstration to provide better results.

“At the end of the day, if a customer doesn’t see the value in what we do, they are not going to be a customer,” Barry said. “So, we’ve got to do a better job of presenting value–– and what that value can bring to the customer.”

At the conclusion of his experience and the trip, Barry issued a challenge to the sales–reps and distributors. He wants everyone in the distribution chain to know that BECCA only has a few opportunities to present solutions to customers, and not to focus only on a single aspect of the customer interaction. Barry is stressing the BECCA three–part selling system–– and it’s simple.

  1. Networking: Sales reps in the market have a personal knowledge of someone in the liquid spray–paint industry. Bring a solution to improve productivity using the 3P Cleaning System or Flash Dry to reduce their overall hazardous waste production. 
  2. Cold–calling: We get it, no one likes it, on either side. But cold–calling is the first step in developing a sales–funnel that will identify and educate customers on what we have to offer. At the very least, get the potential customers’ email address. With an email address, campaigns can be distributed reminding customers that BECCA has a solution that will be effective and profitable.
  3. Social media: Connect with customers on LinkedIn and Facebook and forward BECCA information periodically. By doing so, we can further expose potential customers to various solutions to numerous challenges.

But Barry is still left questioning, how can he help get the reps and distro people to buy–in and embrace driving other BECCA products and product solutions?

“There are several opportunities for a rep to go beyond and explore other opportunities that will reduce time, improve operation and assure long term success for customers.” Barry said. “We’ve got to live it, eat it, and breath it to make sure this is a successful operation and a positive result for the customer.”

Barry Thomas is challenging you–– sales–reps and distributors.

“Reach out to me, let me help you, I’ll provide webinars or any other tools to help you, I’ll even give you my cell number,” Barry exclaimed. “If you are not reaching out to me for help, the chances of you pushing our products and bringing solutions to our mutual customers will not happen–– Let me help you succeed!”

Check out this video on contrast and value–– very applicable when communicating with customers and presenting products and solutions.

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