Critical to Every Paint Operations Success! – Part 3

Spray Gun Performance” – The BECCA Cleaning Tools

BECCA has developed a series of tools for the spray gun cleaning process based on the testing and feedback of top painters from all over the country. These tools have been developed to achieve maximum success with very little effort in a short period of time. 

Spray guns used with solvent based materials can primarily be cleaned with solvent. Waterborne materials are far more difficult to clean unfortunately. The standard process of chasing with solvent (usually acetone) creates more issues than it solves. Solvent mixed with waterborne paint causes waterborne paint to become and behave like a solvent paint. The remaining paint in or on the spray gun will create a strong adhesion to the surface, eventually causing performance problems or corrosion. BECCA has developed a simple process with the following tools:

All BECCA Spray Gun Cleaners:

  • Air Connect: Air connection to protect air passageways 
  • Power Pistol: A powerful pulsating fluid flush to break up paint buildups on internal components
  • Flow Brush: Special short bristle cleaning brush for the fluid tip and air cap


Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaners

  • Water Wave: This product leaves a Micro-film coating on the spray gun not allowing the waterborne materials to stick to the surface, making it easier to clean. 
  • Optional Heating Systems: Heats the cleaning fluid up to 130°F for rapid removal of paint materials. This includes difficult colors like red, blue, and whites.
  • Blow Off Gun: OSHA compliant compressed air blow off gun designed to clear all passageways of any cleaning fluids.
  • Clarifier Fluid Recycling Systems: This is a system for recycling the cleaning fluid by removing all the solids through Flocculation and filtration.


Solvent Spray Gun Cleaners:

  • Used/Clean Solvent Selection: An operator can select Used Solvent for pre-cleaning and Clean Solvent for the final rinse, conserving on solvent

When a painter doesn’t properly clean the spray gun, there is a risk of re-do’s or repairs. When this occurs shops waste paint, and a spray guns life is shortened drastically. Having appropriate equipment to care for the painters tool is a necessity to the painter’s and the shop’s success.