BECCA’s Best Complete System

3P spray gun cleaning and waste management system

BECCA found in its studies that the majority of painters (8 out of 10) are not using the Spray Gun Cleaners as intended:

  • When failing use spray gun cleaner at all…
    Such as cleaning their paint spray guns over a waste drum with a ketchup bottle!
  • Many use a paint spray gun cleaner that is not functioning properly, therefore the spray paint gun is not being cleaned properly. Therefore resulting in manually cleaning as before with a ketchup bottle.
  • The Results, a poor performing paint spray gun and producing more hazardous waste!

At BECCA our team of engineers with decades of experience in the refinish industry have out together our very best lineup in gun cleaning and waste management to create the BECCA 3P System. This system provides the latest in technology for a thorough paint spray gun cleaning as well as waste recovery system.

We have made this system process as easy as

  1. Begin by a detailed cleaning and polishing of your paint spray gun. This will get it back to a like new condition. If your gun is new move on to Process Two.
  2. Now implement the BECCA cleaning system for primer/sealer, base coat, clear coat, or two component materials or single stage materials.
  3. Finishing up, select a waste management system that best handles the particular materials you are using whether waterborne, solvent, multi-stage, two component, or single stage.

BECCA’s 3P System provides an easy, and effective method for cleaning paint spray guns like no other competitive paint gun cleaner.

[Proper Disassembly/Assembly Of Paint Spray Guns]

*Contact our team for more detailed information on this new system!