Just What Is 3P Really?

Spray Gun disassembled

Does This Look Like Your Shop?

BECCA found in its studies that the majority of painters (8 out of 10) are not using the Spray Gun Cleaners as intended:

  1. Not using Spray Gun Cleaner at all… For Instance, cleaning their spray guns over a waste drum with a ketchup bottle!
  2. Using Spray Gun Cleaner and it is not functioning properly and therefore not cleaning the spray gun…resulting in manually cleaning like above.
  3. As a result, Poor Performing Spray Guns & More Hazardous Waste!

The above cleaning processes provide poor results!

BECCA - 3P System logoBECCA has developed a series of tools that make up the 3P System. These tools are for the spray gun cleaning process based on the testing and feedback of top painters from all over the country. These tools have been developed to achieving maximum success with very little effort in a short period of time.

Spray Gun PerformanceSpray guns that are used with solvent based materials can primarily be cleaned with solvent. Waterborne materials are far more difficult to clean, and unfortunately the standard process of chasing with solvent (usually acetone) creates more issues than it solves. Solvent mixed with waterborne paint causes waterborne paint to become and behave like a solvent paint. The remaining paint in or on the spray gun will create a strong adhesion to the surface, eventually causing performance problems or corrosion.

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The BECCA 3P System takes Spray Gun Cleaning to the ultimate level:

3P System Infographic - Process 1High Level of Cleaning

  • When all steps of the process are followed then the gun will be like new all the time

3P System Infographic - Process 2Very Low cost to Operate

  • Low Maintenance costs
  • Only uses a small amount of compressed air

3P System Infographic - Process 3Very Low waste Generation

  • Hazardous waste – Regular Waste

Understanding The BECCA 3P System [view here]