WaterWave™ – Clean Up Easier & Extend Life Of Your Spray Gun

BECCA’s WaterWave is an option for shops with existing competitive equipment such as…

“Uni-Ram, Herkules, B-Tech, Safety-Kleen, and others!”


Comparison of metal poresNo matter how good a spray gun is, the stainless steel and aluminum surface has micro pores within the metal that cannot be seen. These pores are like micro reservoirs that allow paint residue to collect and build up causing many problems with performance and quality with the spray gun. Though these pores cannot be seen the problems they cause can be seen. These pores can be seen when spraying in red, it looks like a light red stain that requires multiple cleanings to remove.


Water Wave – 1-2 Punch


WaterWave over metal poresHow does it work?

  • Microfilm Technology – creates a bearer on the gun surface. This coating does not allow the paint to adhere to the surface of the paint gun by filling the metal pores.
  • Water Wave – As anyone in the paint industry knows REDS are the worst, filling the pores building up residue.
  • Water Wave – you can clean off REDS in less than a minute!
  • Water Wave – comes in concentrated formula (Easy to ship)
  • Water Wave – used in most Paint Company Training Centers across the country
  • Water Wave – comes with directions on how to maximize performance


    WaterWave Bottle