Reducing Hazardous Waste Up To 95% BECCA Solvent Saver Recyclers

Solvent Savor Recycler


Our family of Solvent Saver Distillation Recycler Systems can reduce Hazardous Waste up to 95%…also reducing Solvent Purchases at similar levels.

Reduce Hazardous WasteBECCA Solvent Saver™ Recyclers are built in the USA! Our systems reduce customer hazardous waste and solvent purchases up to 95%. The BECCA TEAM is available to help customers identify and select the best system for their application.

Distillation RecyclerBECCA has units sized for most applications…3 & 6 gallon, 17.5, and 55 gallon recyclers. Various options are available that can maximize recycling efficiency as well as meeting the needs of most shops.


Thousands of installations…saving thousands of gallons in solvent waste and purchases have been installed in shops, manufacturing facilities across the USA and Canada. According to our company engineers, they will continue to drive innovation to bring the best solution for improved productivity and waste minimization.

To learn more about the BECCA’s Solvent Saver™ Recyclers VISIT US ONLINE>>>55 Gallon Distillation Recycler video