Little Squirt Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaner


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Standard Features


Optional Upgrades

  • Cleaning Station – Flexible Design allows it to be placed on a drum or table top or cart. Includes a 3.1 gallon basin, splash pad, cleaning brush, and tray for the cleaning tools.
  • Air Kit – Includes PowerClean compressed air connection to protect the air passageways with a high flow quick disconnect and and adjustable air flow control
  • Funnel Kits
    • Drum Funnel – Is an extended funnel designed to be screwed to a drum for waterborne waste. Extension is designed for clearance when using the above cleaning station.
    • H2O Dry™ Funnel – This funnel is designed to cover the H2O Dry™ container
  • Enviro™ Clarifier Recycling System w/ Bubbler – Includes…
    • (3) containers of Clarifier System for Fluid Recycling
    • (3) 5-gallon pails
    • (2) lids
    • (1) liner
    • (1) pre-filter
    • (1) final filter & bubbler kit w/ flow control
  • HEAT Systems – Elevates Temperature to Reduce Cleaning Time
  • BECCA H2O Dry™ System – Dries waterborne waste paint



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