Many Painters Do Not Like Their Waterborne Drying System!

A large portion of painters does not like their waterborne drying system! 

Many painters are not satisfied with the air movement system that they currently have. They believe the results they get are not worth it! Air Movement systems can have a drastic influence on auto body repair shops profitability in several ways. 
What Painters Have:
What Painters Need:
  • Slow Dry Times
  • Contamination
  • Redo’s And Rework
  • (Costing them money)
  • Effective Drying  System
  • One more Job per Day!
  • No Contamination
  • No Redo’s or Rework

Issues such as contamination, slower drying times, operating costs, and the overall cost of the air movement systems. As a result, painters are frustrated within the auto body repair industry.

Due to old research and lack of current research, many air movement systems fail to provide quality drying capabilities that shop owners and painters desire to see. Here is what we have found…

Contamination OverlayContamination:

  • High-velocity systems create a lift of overspray from the floor and walls.
  • Moving fan blades inside the booth, generate a static charge, collecting overspray, and releasing contamination when started.
  • Overspray collection on nozzles is released when turned on.
  • Lack of maintenance on mechanical systems causing vibration displacing overspray
  • All the above lead to additional processes, redo’s or reworking (nib and buff)
  • Operator moving systems continually inside and outside of the booth

Time is MoneySlow Dry Times:

  • Not Using System due to contamination
  • Missed areas because of dead spots in air movement
  • High-velocity air across surfaces can trap vapor in grooved surfaces; such as bumpers, door handles
  • Improperly cleaned spray guns resulting in heavy film builds requiring longer dry cycles
  • Movement of trees or handhelds to need areas
  • Design for a painter to change the direction of nozzles not occurring
  • The system does not provide ideal air movement to accelerate drying in all surface


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