Game Changer In Waterborne Waste

Clarification KitBECCA H2O Dry™  is the process which dries and hardens waste waterborne paint, allowing it to be disposed-of in the regular solid waste stream, rather than requiring disposal as liquid hazardous waste.  You should test the waste and have documentation on file in case a jurisdiction inquirers. *All waste should be disposed per federal, state and local requirements.


  • Reduce Disposal Cost – Dispose of per Federal, State & Local Requirements
  • Easy to Use
  • Free Sample Available
  • Available in: Full Kit – Includes (1) Container, (3) Liners, (6) Bottles of H2O Dry, (3) Stirring Sticks CD-50, Replenish Kit – Includes (3) Liners, (6) Bottles of H2O Dry, (3) Stirring Sticks, Replacement Powder Kit – Includes (6) Bottles of H2O Dry,  84 oz. Container – Includes 84 oz of Neutralizer & Scoop,  25 lbs Bulk Container – Includes 25 lbs. of H2O Dry & Scoop.
If you have received the latest in Enviro Gun Cleaner shipped in the last month then you will have noticed an exciting change! We have included a real “Game Changer” to your shipment! We have begun shipping a pre-rinse system with H2O Dry instead of our Clarification System.  <<<READ MORE>>>