FLASH DRY Is Raising the Bar Setting New Standards!

Flash Dry - Rapid Drying System

FLASH DRY Is Raising the Bar Setting New Standards!

At BECCA our innovative technology, as well as our proven performance with FLASH DRY and it’s has been tested and proven to work with both Waterborne LogoWaterborne and Solvent LogoSolvent paint and we are proud. Our installation teams are installing our system across the country and we are hearing the same response every time, “It really does cut dry times!”

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  • SPEED – Rapid Drying by the Powerful Directed Nozzle System
  • EASY TO OPERATE – One Button Start
  • ADJUSTABILITY  Once the System has been set-up there is no need for Adjustments
  • LOW COST TO USE  Avg. cost is approximately 30 cents /Day
  • VALUE PRICED  Flash Dry System has a low purchase cost and can also reduce your need to upgrade your Compressor 
4D Air Technology diagram


What is ?

  • Dynamic Air Movement- Non-directional Air Flow resulting in more effective drying.
  • Directional Air Control- Fixed position nozzles adjustable to target sizes
  • Dehydrating Paint- Quickly and effectively removes solvents
  • Dries Fast-  delivers Supreme Performance! 



BECCA has the solution with 
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