Flash Dry – Reduce Dry Time by 30-50%

Dry Time improved with Flash Dry

How Can You Reduce Your Dry Time

The FLASH DRY system helps you reduce your dry time by 30-50%! That means, on average, you can accomplish one extra drying job each day. This is made possible by BECCA’s innovative, 4D Air Technology, which is designed to provide a highly effective drying system regardless if you have a Waterborne logo Waterborne or Solvent logo Solvent job.


Flash Dry install
Flash Dry install - vent close up
Flash Dry install
Flash Dry install


What Is 4D Air Technology logo ?

  • Dynamic Air Movement: Non-directional Air Flow
  • Directional Air Control: Fixed position nozzles adjustable to target sizes
  • Dehydrating Paint: Quickly and effectively removes solvents
  • Dries Fast: Our 4D AIR TECHNOLOGY™ Delivers Supreme Performance!
    • 1 More Job Per Day!
    • Pays For Itself In Just 30 Days
    • 10 Micron Filtration
    • No Compressed Air


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