EPA Violations could shut you down!

Improper Waste Storage

The Agency of Natural Resources inspectors found the violations at Central Vermont Motorcycles. Dozens of containers full of bad gasoline, solvents, spent antifreeze and used oil stored improperly around the property. Many drums were rusted and left open  thus exposed to the elements. Most of all, drums were improperly marked as hazardous waste, therefore resulting in violations.

The state discovered the shop was burning oil without first testing if it was safe to burn. The bike dealer now has to clean-up and pay more than $23,000 in fines. Penalties and agency costs totaling $29,599.72 over the last six months were levied after investigations. Many facilities were found to be noncomplianct with hazardous material storage and hazardous waste disposal requirements.

The following businesses received penalties:

Antich Automotive, Eureka
An inspection of Antich Automotive revealed a substantial waste oil spill from an indoor tank extending outside the business. They had failed to follow their own spill-response plan and spill-reporting requirements. As A result, the case was settled in with Antich Automotive paying $6,080 in fines and agency costs.

Hoopa Valley Ready-Mix, Willow Creek
A 2015 California Office of Emergency Services investigated Hoopa Valley Ready Mix. As a result of the investigation it was discovered that cement wastewater had been discharged off-site. The business had failed to comply with hazardous materials submittal requirements. Hoopa Valley Ready-Mix was fined $7,835 in penalties and agency costs for failure to comply with hazardous materials business plan submittal requirements, in addition to failure to report a release of a hazardous substance.

BECCA’s Solution

BECCA’s Solvent Saver Recyclers are the cleanest, safest, most reliable and cost effective way to recover and recycle waste. Through the distillation process, the solvent is boiled to a vapor and then condensed back into a liquid, leaving the contaminant behind in the tank for recovery. Our equipment is built with a tank designed with an engineered bag liner, capturing the left-behind residues, is easily and cleanly removed. The collected solvents can be up to 99% pure.

3 & 6 Distillation RecyclerExpenses of waste removal:
Waste removal costs for solvents are one of the highest manufacturers see. With typical waste disposal companies, they pick up your waste, typically 55gal drums (drums that you purchase) they dispose of waste (at your expense) however often times the company disposing of the waste will recycle the waste themselves. Once they recycle the waste they then turn right around and… you guessed it, seen your recycled clean solvent… making money off of your waste. By having a waste removal company dispose of your waste you literally are giving dollars from your bottom line away.