BECCA Is Stepping Up The Game – New & Improved!

At BECCA We Are Stepping Up The Game

If you have received the latest in  Enviro Gun Cleaner shipped in the last month then you will have noticed an exciting change! We have included a real “Game Changer” to your shipment! We have begun shipping a pre-rinse system with H2O Dry instead of our Clarification System. 
Clarification Kit
Pre-Rinse System includes:

 Pre-rinse bottle

        1.  5gal bucket with drum funnel
        2.  6 bottles of H2O Dry
        3.  Three pail liners
        4.  Three stir sticks.
In the field we have found that most painters do not like using the flocculation process for dealing with waterborne waste. Flocculation is time consuming and has multiple steps that take up time. Therefore we set out to find an easier method for dealing with waterborne waste to prevent it from ending up in a hazardous waste drum needing hauled off, costing body shops a lot of money.

Why is the Pre-Rinse more effective than the Clarification System?

  • Dries paint waste:

    • This could be either remaining paint in paint cups or the waste water generated in cleaning spray guns.
    • Once the dried waste is tested with a certified testing facility in your state, waste is then acceptable to be thrown away in the trash.
  • Removes the majority of paint from spray guns:
    • This reduces the amount of paint in the gun cleaners, prolonging the lifespan of gun cleaners (as long as Water Wave is being used).
  • Most importantly, it is easier for the painter:
    • The H2O Dry is much easier than the flocculation as it requires less of the painters time which means $$


Easy 4 Step Process!
Instructional Video:
*The Clarification System is still an option offered at BECCA for the shops that prefer the flocculation process