BECCA 3P [3 Processes For Success] System

  Our system is a major leap in spray gun cleaning and waste recycling processes! 

A spray guns functionality in paint shops is critical for maintaining quality finishes on paint jobs. At BECCA, we have found issues regarding the performance and maintenance of spray guns. We approached this challenge by acquiring spray guns used in the field, then studied various issues found. Next assessing assessing how to prevent each from occurring. We cut each gun in half, which enabled us observe build-up of paint materials, wear and tear on internal components. From the analysis of cut away guns like the one shown, we began building a system of processes around the areas of concern, gun cleaning and waste management.

Our system combines BECCA’s unique technologies needed for proper cleaning as well as waste management through a guided selection process carefully selected and designed by our engineers to provide the best system for each particular shop application. Controlling waste is difficult to maintain, however BECCA’s recommended 3P System addresses reducing waste produced in body shops as a result of cleaning spray guns. 
Step Two - BECCA Cleaning System - Machines
With the BECCA 3P System, managing waste paint becomes a much easier process to maintain for painters and more affordable to body shops. This system which uses a three easy step [process], is major leap in spray gun cleaning and waste recycling processes. The system combines BECCA’s unique technologies needed to obtain proper gun cleaning also addressing waste management through a guided selection process that provides the best system for each particular shop application.

What is 3P? It stands for Three 

Processes for Success!
  • Process One: Detail clean and polish of the spray gun to get it back to like new condition. If new move on to Process Two.
  • Process Two: Implement the BECCA cleaning system for primer/sealer, base coat, clear coat, or two component materials or single stage materials.
  • Process Three: Select a waste management system that best handles the particular materials whether they are waterborne, solvent, multi-stage, two component, or single stage. 
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