Celebrating American Made – This means $600 OFF to you!


Celebrating American Made & We Are Proud!

Summertime HEAT & Humidity can mean longer than usual dry times. FLASH DRY reduces your dry time 20-50%! In recognition of LABOR DAY we are offering, for a limited time, $600 OFF your purchase of FLASH DRY now through September 30th. Simply apply the coupon code at checkout!
 *Not all of our competitors machines are American made, they are assembled outside the United States. All BECCA’s machines are “Made In The USA” including our own FLASH DRY System. Our System with  is designed to provide a highly effective drying system regardless of  Waterborne Logo Waterborne or Solvent, tackling the high humidity.
  • 1 More Job Per Day!
  • Pays For Itself In Just 30 Days
  • 10 Micron Filtration
  • No Compressed Air